I am a scholar of nineteenth century African American history, literature, and culture. I teach, research, and lecture on topics such as school desegregation, African American women's history, women's activism, antebellum social movements, and public humanities.

Requests and inquiries for speaking engagements and scheduling can be made by emailing me at kabria.baumgartner @ unh.edu

Some of my lectures include:

  • School Desegregation in the Antebellum North

  • Petitions, Boycotts, and Lawsuits: African Amerian Women's Educational Activism

  • Race and the American High School in Nineteenth Century America

  • As American As Apple Pie: The High School, Then & Now

If you are part of a nonprofit organization located in New Hampshire, you can book my lecture on school desegregation in Boston through the New Hampshire Humanities Council.