Who doesn't love a coupon?

I'm really looking forward to the publication of my book in  December 2019. I had my first official book talk at Amherst College on Thursday, November 14th. I enjoyed it immensely, and the turnout was great. I remember students asking me some wonderful questions about Sarah C. Roberts, specifically, and African American activism, more generally.

I have more book talks planned in the new year, including at the Newburyport Literary Festival in April 2020. I'm grateful for these gigs, since it means that I get to share my work with more people.

There is a 30% special discount off the price of my book when purchased directly through the NYU Press website. That brings the cost to $24.50, which is a great price point for an academic book (in hardcover). Get yours today and, if you enjoy the book, post a review on Amazon.com or Goodreads.